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Full Time Female Coach (Cambodia) (518 views)

Phnom Penh
December 15, 2015

Our first location has 80 CrossFit athletes and is growing larger every month! We also offer a popular Bootcamp class that provides a great way for many people to step into the world of fitness. With these two programs, CrossFit Amatak has grown to over 110 members ranging in ages from 14-60, coming from 20+ countries! Our community enjoys spending time together for weekend partner WODs and competitions (over 60 athletes participated in the 2015 CrossFit Open). They also frequently come together outside the gym to explore what Phnom Penh has to offer. Come be a part of Phnom Penh’s best expat community!

Job Responsibilities
  • Support CrossFit ProgrammingThis means supporting the Head Coach with the coaching schedule and overall programming approach.
  • Coach Bootcamp, CrossFit & On-Ramp classes – Lead or support a maximum of 20 classes per week.
  • Ensure Athlete Safety & SatisfactionWe’re a gym that focuses heavily on proper form and technique before adding significant amounts of weight. Athlete safety and correct movement standards should be your priority too! We ask that you practice what you preach – you need to be able to demonstrate great form and personal work ethic to inspire it in others.
  • Events Management – As part of your responsibilities we’d like you to lead events management and organization with support of the other staff and community members. This will mean helping get logistics and other items up and running for offsite workouts, parties and other group or team events such as various runs/bike rides, etc.
  • Level 1 Crossfit CertificationCandidates with additional certifications will be given preference.
  • 2+ Years Crossfit coaching with affiliated box – We need someone who can hit the ground running but don’t let the years of experience scare you off, just demonstrate you have what it takes.
  • Outstanding referrals (from coaches and athletes) – These can be provided following initial interview.
  • Fluent English & excellent communication – The box will be operated with English as the main language. We need someone equally willing to say, ‘sure no problem’ as they are, ‘sorry, we can’t do that’ as appropriate. Members will be bringing sensitive issues to you – e.g. pregnancies, body image worries, health situations – you need to be able to handle these conversations tactfully and ensure members feel valued and respected (and helped!).
  • Culturally sensitive – Unless you’ve lived abroad before, this will be a life changing experience. Cambodians are super friendly but we’ll have athletes from all over the world, frequently with English as a second language and we need someone who is excited to work with different cultures.
  • Dedication to making a difference – Do you feel passionate about making a life-changing difference in people’s health and fitness? This may be right for you.
  • Willing to make a 2 year commitment – This is a big one and if this is your first time living abroad, it’s a tough one. We can accommodate a holiday back home and a vacation, but we need someone who will be here for the long haul.
Preferred but not required
  • Other training/safety certifications – USAW-L1SP, NASM, NSCA-CPT, CSCS, or ACSM, Kettlebell, nutrition, swimming, CPR/AED, etc.
  • 4 Year University Degree or Military Career (with honorable discharge) – Physical Education or similar degree preferred but not required.
  • Khmer language ability – This is a long shot but if there are any Khmer-American/Europeans/Australians/etc. out there, that would be ideal.
  • Korean language ability This will be required for one of our coaches (we are hiring 2) as the area of town we are expanding to has a very large Korean Speaking (very little English) community. The coach does not need to be native but good conversational Korean will be needed.
Benefits & Pay
  • Full Time Salary – commensurate with experience but be warned – this is one of the poorest countries in the region, and this means that you will be taking a pay cut if coming from the US, Europe, Australia or other well off nation. That being said, we’re not an NGO or a non-profit. We’ll offer you a salary that will allow you to live a comfortable life, save a little and even travel a bit.
  • Health Insurance (after month 2) – Basic services are all available here in the city but extreme situations involve a short plane trip to Bangkok.
  • Workweek & Holidays – The schedule will average 40 hours a week, with a dedicated day off on Sunday and a half-day on Saturday. Holiday schedule will be finalized prior to opening.
  • 2 Weeks Annual Leave – This can be used in combination of holiday days and should allow enough time for a trip back home or tour of the region.